Wash you out of my hair!

Shampoo bars – are you using one to wash your hair?. The last year has seen a significant rise in shampoo bars, either as a way to reduce plastic waste from the numerous bottles that we take into the shower or from a concern over the chemicals that are in some products.

The market is still niche but the solid shampoo bar is on the rise, the formulas can be very simple but very effective and when you add some essential oils for scent a and their natural benefits you have a winning combination.

We have been asked for a while now from our customers to introduce a range of Shampoo bars to compliment our handmade soap and as we always listed to our customers we are happy to announce the arrival of our handmade bags of goodness.

There will be 4 bars to choose from initially, with the right blend of oils to suit your hair type and add that all important cleaning without stripping the hair of any existing natural oils.

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