Handmade Soaps – Goats Milk

In addition to our core collection of  handmade soaps, we also have beautiful range of 8 soaps made with locally sourced Goat’s Milk.

They are extremely kind and gentle to your skin with a soap to perfectly compliment many a skin type – why not find the best soap for you?

Whit & Wick Goats milk soaps are made from fresh, raw goats milk from a local farm. We add natural oils and butters using the ancient and traditional cold process method and this ensures our soaps are gentle on your skin,  creamy and packed full of vitamins and minerals your skin will thank you for!

The soaps also contain pure Essential Oils, herbs and root powders for fragrance, colour and texture and this range is also Palm Oil free.

Why nor order some Goats milk soap today?  https://www.whitandwick.com/?page_id=160



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