Bar Soap vs Shower Gel

Which is best – Bar Soap vs Shower Gel?

The only person to answer this is you, there may be no right answer and there may be a case for both.

My family was brought up on traditional bar soap and yes I can also remember being told to wash my mouth out with soap when we had been naughty!

Bar Soap

Soap has been around for a very long time and the ingredients have not changed drastically or the process for making it. What has changed is the fragrances we add, artificial or natural and how we package it. There has also been a change to attitudes towards soap, during the nineties it was reported to be unhygienic and now that though has been reversed. People where put of by the potential mess of soap if not stored and left to dry out. Nowadays we have a myriad of choice in soap dishes with holes for drainage so this is no longer an issue and we also have exfoliating bags to store your soap and ensure you get to use the very last piece There are also some creative ways to recycle so last ends, you can find suggestions here for your leftovers

Shower Gel

So the technology that is shower gel came along to tease us with its bright colours and sleek bottles. Shower Gels contain an agent to create the bubbles – SLS – or sulfates to you and me and this has been the controversial element of our convenience needs.ย  Have you every noticed how quickly shower gel disappears down the plug whole – like a jellyfish?

Whilst it is easier to transport for swimming, and weekends away there is also the waste products of the plastic bottle at the end – which you can also recycle.

So the winner is….

Neither – both if chosen ethically and responsibility have a place in our modern cleansing and beauty regimes.

Enough to keep you clean for a few months….